August 20th, 2001

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Grandaughter and Grandad

By Dave Ulmer, (Host slicfoot)

My grandaughter Michelle and her dad live with us, so she's been exposed to fly fishing and tying for a long time. There is another story on FAOL about her when she and her dad visited Tammy DiGristine in Florida in 1999, Be A Kid Again.

Tammy has since moved north, and she invited Michelle and me to come down from Ohio to fish with her. This was Michelle's very first trout fishing trip. She has fly fished for panfish with me, but in her mind this was the big trip.

The trout were scarce due to a delayed harvest season, and Michelle caught the first - any only trout of the trip!

Tammy and Michelle getting ready One happy Michelle

Fishing the pool with a dry fly! It's small, but it's a trout!

Needlesstosay, Grandfather couldn't be prouder of his 12-year-old grandaughter! ~ Dave

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