August 6th, 2001

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Hung Up

Text and Photo By Nancy J. Copeland

When you make your own flys you are not about to loose one while practicing your novice casting even if you get your woolly bugger hung up on MA BELL.

Charlie Whitlock in that Alabama Tuxedo on top of the ladder, Dale G. Clair from NY holding fly rod and reel and ladder along with Joe Malicky of Pleasant Mount, PA holding the other side of the ladder.

Not all flyfisherman catch fish! ~ Nancy J. Copeland

About Nancy:
Nancy J. Copeland is owner of Moments In Time, editor of The Smiles and National President of Dream Catchers, USA She and Dale G. Clair (shown holding the fly rod in the photo) visited us at the FAOL Fish-In 2001.

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