July 2nd, 2001

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The Prize

By Steven Brodie Clark, Creedmore, NC

There is no one reason that this man has come here, at least nothing he could explain to someone who didn't already know. It is a fairly calm evening with a slight wind coming from the west. Time for just a few more casts before he has to return to his busy life.

The sun is off to his left, so that is where he casts, and watches his fly drift a bit to the right and hit the water with a quiet little thump. Slowly the dark fly sinks, deeper and deeper still, until there is nothing left but anticipation of what may come.

And it is not long before the man sees and feels his rod bend severely. He finds himself in an intense struggle, closer to nature than many will ever come. Only 7 feet separate this man from his fish, and perhaps even another time.

Back and forth the fish charges, from one side of the stream bank to the next, nearly catching several snags along the way. This can not go on much longer, both man and fish are nearly exhausted. He has played this fish with all his skill and by walking slowly backwards has managed to bring the fish close to the bank. He can see its head now, and it is a massive bluegill indeed. Quickly he bends down to claim his hard earned prize, but instead almost lets out a cry when he sees his line break, and his trophy bluegill swim away.

For a minute he just stands there nearly in a hypnotized state, but soon he regains his reason. This man is sixty and quite wise in his years. He is smart enough to realize he still has his prize. ~ Steven Brodie Clark

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