October 30th, 2000

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The Right Wading Staff

By Old Rupe, USA

After reading Lady Fisher's article about the clueless dummies whose actions ruined J.C.'s and her fishing day I felt compelled to express my view.

I have always believed in good equipment. Those that know me will testify that my rods and reels are at least decent and though I might sleep in the back of my truck I never stint on my equipment. I used to use the modified aluminum ski poles and the hi-tech fiberglass wonders as wading staffs. I have finally seen the light. I now have the ideal wading staff (walking stick) and it was cheap and easy to make. In fact I carried one to France with me on my last vacation.

I cut 12 inches off the top of a six foot karate Chinese red oak quarter staff and put a 3/8 inch strip on the bottom of high molecular weight plastic. The stick has a hole six inches from the top that has a parachute cord inserted much like some ski poles. It comes with a rag to wipe off the stains of dummies that try to ruin my days on stream.

In my old age I appreciate my very sturdy and practical wading staff more and more.

I would summerize my philosophy as such: If Old Rupe has a bad day on stream someone else will also.

While I'm not in the business of manufacturing these staffs I will make them for those that can't.

Promote good manners, buy Old Rupes wading staff. Most of the dummies probably can't read anyway, so written education isn't the solution. My seventy dollar wading staff is guaranteed to work.

I've sent staffs out to be field tested. The initial results against 4 year old bulls are promising. ~ Old Rupe

Editor's Note:
Fly Anglers OnLine neither condones nor condemns educating dummies.

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