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1st Half 2009
Readers Cast Archive

Stone River

2nd Half 2009
Readers Cast Archive

I Want Twenty-five Cents for the Rainbow
Aye the Trout


1st Half 2008
Readers Cast Archive

Measuring Success in Fly Fishing and in Life
Release Tool
A Different Take
Common Sense Trouting
Upside Down Browns
Going To A Fish-In This Year?
Alex's List
2008 Florida Fish-In
Don't Do It Clyde
Different Levels of Fishing and...
A Cast from the Past
Glory Days
The Ocooch Mountains
Earthquake Safety
View Through A Pale Glass

2nd Half 2008
Readers Cast Archive

Dear Mr. Campbell
FAOL Michigan Fish In & Lessons Learned
Not-So-Great Anglers
A First Time Fly Fishing
A Kid Learns to fish and other stuff
Gadgets, Gadgets, Everywhere, But Not "The One" We Need
Knee deep in a Montana Cesspool
Once In A Lifetime
The Smokiejoe Fly
I Like Ike ~ NOT!
The Joys of Fishing
Me an' Dad
Fishing Beneath a Marble Sky
I Now Teach with Ease
For the Birds
Where Is Saturday?
A Learning Experience
A Newbie's Second Season
Revenge, At Last!
No More Nail-Knots
Fly Fishing A Woman's Perspective
The Angler of Manor Mill Dam
My Accidental Fishing Adventure
Some Notes on Two-Faced Fly Casting with a Twist
The Wiles of the Wenaha Wilderness - I'm Not Lost As Long As There's Oatmeal
A Special Rod for One Particular Stream
Kitty's Pond
The Bamboo Year
Silvers with Riley
The Trash Trough
Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout on Noontootla Creek in North Georgia
Simply Red
Stocked Trout and Lessons Learned
Aching to Fish
Fisherboy Becomes (Fly) Fisherman


1st Half 2007
Readers Cast Archive

My Lady
Rocky Ford and the Yakima River
The Last Time
My Secret Garden
Lake Erie Tributaries-Steelhead Outing of a Life Time?
Out with the Old and In with the Older
In the Bleak Midwinter
Confessions of an Okay Fisherman
Forgotten Trout
Requiem For A Hemlock
Trout Don't Live In Ugly Places
Something There?
Going To Belize?
Rehab With a Flyrod
Life on the Ranch
Self Made Fly Fisherman
Emerging Mayfly Therapy
Cameron's Diaz
A Boy's Great Adventure
The Ultimate Fishing Pal, My Lab
To Forget Would be a Loss
Mikey's Excellent Adventure
The Three of Us
Fly-In Fishing

2nd Half 2007
Readers Cast Archive

Life on the Ranch
First Fish on a Fly
60 Fish, 4 Lakes, and One Marmot
Building Fly Rods from Forecast E-Glass Ultralight Spinning Blanks
Reel Recovery
Pop Hutchin's Boathouse
Full Circle
Family Reunion 2007
What I did on my summer vacation
Of Wind and White Bass
The Stream of Time
My Christmas Trout
The Holy Day of Fishing


1st Half 2006
Readers Cast Archive

Can You Find Paradise in Your Own Back Yard?
Cutthroats of the Wild Canyon
My "Damn You" List (books)
Hand-Me-Down Rod
A Trout Angler Goes After Tarpon
My Home Church
It Would Be So Easy
Bamboo, Brookies and an Antique Stream
Teaching Fly Tying as Therapy
Wading with Our Women
The One
Opening Day
My First Rainbow
I Ain't Real Smart But I Can Be Trained
Mad River Madness
Hurry Up and Relax
A Compact Hook Removal Tool for Small Fish
How To Earn a Secret Spot
My First Fly Fishing Experiences
Things I Never Knew
My First Attempts at Trout Fishing
Honoring the Fallen
The Other Day
One of Those Moments
Northfield Fishing Derby
Hooked on Fly-Fishing and Fly-Tying

2nd half 2006
Readers Cast Archive

Road Trip - Tullahome Tennessee, Part 1
Road Trip - Tullahome Tennessee, Part 2
The Saguenay and Quebec
Blueberries and Cutthroat
Green Zone
Observations of a Non-Angler
Felt Sole Repair
Weekend Trip
What to Expect While Pregnant and Fly-Fishing
Is Anything New?
I'm Bored. What Do We Do Now?
I Must Have Missed...
On Remembering Old Friends
Designing a tiny and cheap solar power system
My Little Amazon River
His Old Coat
The Trophy on My Wall
Time and the Fisherman
Fishin' For Justice
The Angler of Manor Mill Dam
Christmas with my Family is NBD (No Big Deal)


1st Half 2005
Readers Cast Archive

On Knots
Am I Too Old to Teach Fly Casting?
The Hard Way
Smokies Fish-In '05
Take a Wounded Warrior Fishing
What About Bob?
Little Truckee
"La Prohibida," Our Bolivian Secret
A family that fishes together...
Skagit Dreams
Flyrods That Fit
Trout and the Angler
Spey Rods and Local Trout
Is There a Kayak in Your Future?
Trout Fishing Oklahoma
You're Fired!
Enchanted Forest
The Hard Science of Biting Behavior in Poisonous Snakes
The Breakfast
Looping Around Full Circle
Super Simple Fly Line Winder
Hero Pictures and Darling Betsy
What Did You Catch Today?
2nd half 2005
Readers Cast Archive

Taking it Easy
Just Another Day
The Tarzan Pike
Landing a Trout in the Wild West
Eagle Village Fish-In
The Father's Day Brookies
Grandpa's Secret Weapon
Last Day on the Lake!
Dry Fly Dream: Fishing the Middle Fork of the Flathead River
Women, Mothers, and the Art of Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo 2005
Fishing with Flats Dude and Ed
Things I've Learned This Year
I Have This RASH
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Hallowed Ground
Leech Patterns in Small Streams
Another One Hooked
Stu Williams
Out There vs Right There
Gator Bait or How to Buy a Boat
The Siren Song of Beaverkill Browns
When I Started...
The Fishing Watch


1st half, 2004
Readers Cast Archive

A Perfect Day on the Water
Got Style?
A Memorable Evening of Fly Fishing
One Man Team Event
Stoddard's Blues
A International Angler?
Rotary Vises and Tying - Do I Need One?
The Big Horn River Just Goes With The Flow
The Changing Game
Rod of Ages
The Perfect Hatch
How To Hook A Child On Fly Fishing
Fair Game
Float Stocking for Better Fishing
Reactions To An Article
Fly Fishing for Stripers, Another View
Trout Openers
Soapstone Sliding
Baby Ducks and Fly Fishing
Falling In
Mom's Homemade Fishin' Pond
The trout and people (lots of trout, lots of people) of the San Juan River
An Hours Worth?
Any Fly Fisher Who Isn't Political Is a Fool

2nd half 2004
Readers Cast Archive

Just Watching
My First Time Was In Wisconsin
Picking Pockets
Feels Like the First Time
The Road Less Traveled
What Is A Good Fly?
Putting Back the Rocks
A Fathers Wish, A Sons Debt
How To Survive a Heart Attack When Alone (r)
The Contest
Urban Fishing
Woolly Buggers
A Day Away
First Fish on a Fly
Enough is Enough
Just Add Water
My Hat Gets Out More Than I Do
Fishing and Camping with Dad
Stupid Moves
All in a Week's Work
Advanced Winter Micro-Fly Fishing
My Time With David
The Catheter
What Did You Catch Today?


1st Half 2003
Readers Cast Archive

The Fit Flyfisher
It Is On
How Dare They...!
Planting a Seed
A Pleasant Day - Finally!
What is a Compleat Angler?
Slicfoot Gets the Blues
Gill Bum
A Gaggle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away...
A Few Thoughts on February
Duct Tape Isn't the Only Indespensible Tape
Shack Nasties
Such a deal I got!
The Tatterdermalion
Build You Own Line Winder
Funny Thing About Rivers
Conversations With A Mink
Easy Cutting Board Tying Bench
Magnet Patch
Character Flaws, Gaping Maws
Midwestern Thunder
Papa's Big Ugly Fly
The Most Overlooked Gamefish of All
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
The Reality of Florida Sight Fishing
One 7-inch Trout!
Mass Murderers!

2nd Half - 2003
Readers Cast Archive

Your Safety Net
Observations on Fly Rod Construction
Zachary Wants to Go Fishing!
Cajun Kid
The Perfect Reel
The Crick
How To Survive a Heart Attack When Alone (R)
My First Fish!
Catfish in Kazakhstan
The Perfect Rod
Kickin' It Up
Learning Together
The Good Old Days?
The Stuff We Use
A Colorado Fall Weekend to Remember
Local Knowledge
Family Man
Christmas Presence
Lessons Learned


1st Half 2002
Reader's Cast Archive

A Fitting End to 2001
Gary LaFontaine--in Memoriam
The Two-handed Club
Discerning Fly Quality
Furled Leaders
Cleaning Out the Vest
Loss of a Friend
Why Panfish
Secret Brook Trout Place
Thanks Dad
Heaven's Flat
70th Annual Northwest Sport Show
The Quest For the Perfect Tying Bench
The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side
Long Rods - Good or Bad?
Traveling Naked with Teddy Bears!
Self-Made Fly Fisherman
'Puddle Walking' - Not What You Might Think
Rewards of Lesser Paths Traveled
A Grand Old Flag
Avoiding Divorce
Environmental Groups Threaten to Ban Sport Fishing
Where Do We Go From Here?
Tubing It
2nd Half - 2002
Readers Cast Archive

The Next Plateau
Musings On Teaching My Left Arm to Cast A Fly
A Legend In My Own Mind
Junk Water
'Ol One Eye
Fishing with Dad in Alaska
Dapping - As Old As A Shamrock, But New To Me
Eye of the Beholder
Fishing With Grandpa
Five Minutes
Life Is Like My Fly Box
Leon Chandler and the Cortland Line Company
The Clackamas
Saved the Best For Last
A Tail of Two Anglers
Wishin' To Go Fishin'
A Brotherhood of Rivers
School of Fingerlings
Casting in the Aquarium
Evolution of a Fly Fisher
Operation: "Woodchuck Special" Photo
Certificate of Fly Tying
Breaking the Current
A Sheepish Beginning
Introduction to Bliss


1st Half - 2001
Readers Cast Archive

Martin's Stone
On Becoming an Aspirinaut
Fish Can Smell
Bubble or Not
Habitat Is The Key To Game Numbers
How Good a Fly Rod Do I Need?
To Bend or Not to Bend
Last Fish of a Grand Old Rod
How Many Fly Rods Do I Need?
The Quest for Northern California Winter Steelhead
Picking a Used Fly Reel
The Wonder Rod
Buckwheat - A Tribute to James Buckingham
Growing Up Fishing
Kindling the Fire's of the Future
Red Willows
An Angler Asks: Who Am I?
Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
An Angler Returns
A Learning Experience
My Little River
Evolution Of The Modern Fly Line
Fishing or Swimming?
Double Haul - A Misunderstood Technique
Put the Butt to 'Em
2nd Half - 2001
Readers Cast Archive

The Prize
On Casting
The Making of "Montana's Last Best River"
Ember's Story
Until Then
Hung Up
How To Make Your Own Fly Tying Vice for $6.00
Grandaughter and Grandad
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Spare the rod (Powell Family)
The Lady in the Harbor
Mill River
The Reach Cast
The Maddening Mad River
Open Letter to the Publisher
Mister Tom's Cabin, or You Can't Catch What You Don't Paint
My First Dry Fly
Catching Vs. Fishing
The Dolly Varden
Not a Four-Letter Word
Modern Fly Fishing Reels, Problems and Outlook
Plan "B"
In a Place of Secret Waters
The Angler of Manor Mill Dam
Winter Fly Fishing (Montana)


1st Half - 2000
Readers Cast Archive

Realistic Resolution
Fly Tying (Learning Where I Was Going Wrong)
Common Courtesy
Firsts in Fly Fishing
Leon Chandler
The Sunfish of My Youth
Birth of a Fly Angler
Four Months a Year
It's All in a Day Outdoors
Go Fishing and Get Back Home Alive
Behaviorial Triggers
Fish The Whole River
Side Channels
Tick Phobia
On The Wrong Track
Fire Flies
So Who's the Elitist?
Oregon's High Desert
Cost vs Yield of Pacific Hatchery Salmon
Maine Success
Invention Equals Angling Success
Adventure Lost?
2nd Half - 2000
Readers Cast Archive

Floura in Florida
Long Term Memories
MY Truck
Bass In Gravel Pits
Peter the Great
Chena River Trip Revisited - The Kid
The Roads Less Taken
Gold Metal Flies
The STOP - Casting Tips
The Incomplete Angler
King Salmon (or Where Have All the Chironomids Gone?)
Take A Kid Fishing? What Are You Nuts?
Texas Coast YAK Attack
A Close Shave
Four Fox Day and the Writing Life
Small Fish
To Heck with the Fly, Study the Technique
The Right Wading Staff
The Fishing Excursion of a Lifetime
I Took Your Advice
Paris Thoughts
How To Survive a Heart Attack When Alone
The Little Munoscong Academy
Care of Cork Drag Reels
Winter - Alaska Style
The Spirit Behind CHRISTmas


1st Half - 1999
Readers Cast Archive

Catch and Conundrum
A Day With Don
My Memorable Bike Trip of 1998
A Credibility Gap Of Motives
The Wily Trout
Fathers and Sons, Sons and Fathers
On Salem Pond
Ethics and Etiquette
The Trout of Tootla Creek
The Dubbing Box
Scent of Pine
To Catch a Bass
The Experts' Flybox
Learn Something New
Ok, So I'm Interested in a New Fly Line
Ol' Thumper
Be a Kid Again
2nd Half - 1999
Readers Cast Archive

A Beginners View of Fly Fishing
Trout's Revenge
Southern Bird Flies North
If Dad Could See Me Now
A Lighter Point of View from the Hills
California Dreaming
The Borrowed Rod
Never Do It Like Everybody Else
Is it Spring Already?
Belmont, New York
Fly-fishing Gadgets and Accessories
Tarpon on the Fly
First Winter-run Steelhead!
Economy Wading Boots
Catchin' Kids
Why Bother?
Tying Suppliers List
Fishing with Dad


1st Half - 1998
Readers Cast Archive

Looking for Bonz
From the Trashpiles of Ruffled Feathers
Fishing Plan Angering Minnesota Anglers
Politics and the Professional
Kudos for Al Campbell
Doodel Socking or Just Plain Doodeling
Shared Water
Fly-Fishing --Why do I do it?
The Case For Special Regs #2
Atlantic Salmon in Connecticut #1
Pennsylvania Streams [Low Water] Update
Pass Lake Washington Report
My Snippet of Story
Travels With Griz
2nd Half - 1998
Readers Cast Archive

Grandpa and Tugger
Japanese Fly Fisher
Who Cares
A Salmon in a Sweatshirt
The Dolly Varden Story
Takin' the Cure
The Sage SPL and the Ridge Runner
The Grayling
From Disgust to Action
Old Technique Becomes
New Technology

The Vise
A Catskill Remembrance
Help for Beginning Fly Tyers
What A Beginning
Flying Fish!

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