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May 17th, 1999

Fare Thee Well My Friend

By Deanna Birkholm

For many months in this space you have mostly found the writing of Clive Schaupmeyer. He has informed, taught, and entertained us with his knowledge and adventures "North of the Border." He has shared his joy, his passion, and his sorrows here. And we are grateful, for it is the sharing of experiences which make a frame of reference - and a community.

Clive has taken a new job in southern Alberta, and he and his wife Willie have sold their home of 27 years, bought a home in the new community, and as Clive says, "working on the Mother of All Yard Sales." Funny how much stuff one does accumulate over the years.

Quoting Clive, " We will move in early to mid July after doing a bit of work in the basement of our "new" 4-year-old bungalow. We will live in the small prairie town of Coaldale just east of Lethbridge in SW Alberta. Our home will be 75 minutes from the Crowsnest, and about 2 hours (hauling the fifth-wheel) from our favorite camping places in the mountains. Cutt streams up there. Brown trout were planted in a stretch of the Oldman River a few years ago, and they are rumored to be as close as 30 minutes from our new home. Our youngest son lives about 25 minutes away in another small town."

If you've been there, done that, you know it isn't an easy job to relocate. I don't envy the job or the necessary transition to the new life. However it occurred to me that we who have enjoyed these columns might make the move a little easier for Clive and Willie if we sent off some good wishes. (And maybe he will think kindly of us all and return to this space in the fall.)

So with our "Fare Thee Well and Best Wishes" to Clive and Willie, here is his email if you would like to thank him for his time and effort in providing so many wonderful columns.

Email: Clive Schaupmeyer.

Our sincere thanks and very best wishes Clive! Upward and onward with love and joy - and more time on the water. ~ LadyFisher & JC

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Clive Schaupmeyer is an outdoor writer and photographer. He is the author of The Essential Guide to Fly-Fishing, a 288-page book for novice and intermediate fly anglers. His photo of a boy fishing was judged the best outdoor picture of 1996 published by a member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada. He fly-fishes for trout in Alberta's foothill and mountain streams and for pike near his home in Brooks, Alberta. For information on where to find, or how to get a copy of Clive's book, Click here!

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