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October 23rd, 2006

Black, Orange & Jungle Cock
Black, Orange & Jungle Cock
By Art Lingren, BC, Canada

As I started to write this article I noticed the variations in dressing of Money's flies in the two of his fly boxes I have open sitting next to my computer. One of the boxes the General gave to his gilly, Ted Pengelley, of Campbell River and the other was given to Rod Haig-Brown by Mrs. Money after the General's death in 1941. Later, when Haig-Brown passed away the box was given to Van Egan, Rod's friend of many years, by Valerie Haig-Brown. Included among the Money-dressed flies are many commercially-dressed salmon flies, an original Preston Jennings' Muddy Iris and a Haig-Brown Silver Lady and some Van Egan ties. Because there are original Haig-Brown, Jennings and Egan patterns in the box, it is obvious to me that Haig-Brown used the Money box of flies.

However, a close examination of the patterns dressed by Money shows many variations of the black floss-bodied flies: one with bronze mallard and orange swan wings, one with just orange wings, some with tails and others without, some with jungle cock cheeks, some with orange, yellow or red throat hackles, and others with body hackles. Yet others of a similar style to the black-bodied flies had bodies of yellow, silver or burgundy. Most, however, are not described in great detail in Money's game books. A simple note like this from an August 1924 entry

"Stamp alone, 2 fish, 8 and 7 pounds, red body, yellow hackle, & grey wing has done well this season"

is all there is.

Late September was one of the General's favoured time to fish the Stamp and in 1924 he spent five days September 23 to 27 on the river. They took 59 steelhead. On September 24, he had a great day's sport with 10 fish killed. His note in the game book read:

"River high all on Black body, ribbed with silver, orange & jungle cock wing, purple hackle."

The Black, Orange & Jungle Cock sports a most striking colour combination, indeed, and with the "catch of the day" on September 24th, one the fish found irresistible.

Black, Orange & Jungle Cock

    Hook: Number 1/0 to 3

    Tag: Oval, Silver tinsel

    Body: Black, silk floss

    Rib: Oval, Silver tinsel

    Throat: Purple hackle

    Wing: Orange

    Sides: Jungle cock

    Originator: General Noel Money

    Intended Use: Wet fly for steelhead

    Location: Stamp River, British Columbia ~ Art Lingren

    Credits: From Fly Patterns of British Columbia, by Arthur James Lingren, published by Frank Amato Publications.

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