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February 5th, 2001

Great Canadian Flies
Pink Eve

By Arthur James Lingren

Pink Eve

Considered the sportsman's fishes, the Coho and Chinook [salmon] have attracted most of the attention from the saltwater angling community in the last century. However, the pink salmon, when it returns to it natal stream on its cycle year, provides good sport for the fly fisher.

The Pink Eve pattern, developed by veteran Vancouver Island [B.C.] fly fisher, Barry Thornton, in about 1980, has been luring pinks to the rods of many beach fishers since its inception.

Barry says that "this pattern was initially used at the estuaries of the Eve, Keogh, and Cluxewa rivers" and that with the reintroductions "of pink salmon to other rivers like the Oyster and Puntledge it has become a standard for these estuaries and beach areas." Besides its attractiveness to estuary pinks, Thornton has also found that "this is an effective pattern for 'blueback,' pinks and coho during April, May and June" when he is open-water saltwater fly fishing.

I remember the first time that I witnessed the successes of the Pink Eve. I had taken my son Charles to the Queen Charlotte Islands for a late summer fishing vacation and I remember the axiom "pink for pinks" as I attached a fly to his line. My son had a grand day's sport hooking about 30 fish in three hours and killing his frist limit of fly-caught salmon.

Postulations abound in the fishing community and "pink for pinks" is a classic example. The Pink Eve produced regularly for my son for the remainder of the trip, but I found it no more killing than my silver-bodied, mallard-winged standard. What was more critical for success was fishing at the correct depth and for those conditions we encountered the critical depth was just under the surface.


Hook:  Number 2 to 6 Mustad 34011 stainless steel.

Tail:  Pink FisHair or polar bear fur.

Body:  Oval, silver tinsel.

Wing:  Pink FisHair or polar bear fur.

Originator:  Barry Thornton.

Intended Use:  Wet fly for pink salmon.

Location:  Eve River, B.C. Canada.

~ Arthur James Lingren

Credits: From Fly Patterns of British Columbia by Arthur James Lingren. We thank Frank Amato Publications, Inc. for use permission!

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