I generally recommend that folks test cast a rod before purchase and that is the route that I usually take. However ...

... I am interested in comments on the Cabelas's Traditional fly rods in general and the 8' 4pc specifically. I am looking for information on quality of assembly and general performance characteristics.

I am not particularly interested in other rods in this particular case.

I have a Cabelas gift certificate with which I will purchase a number of items, including a couple of rods that are already well known to me. I have about $70 left to work with. Hence the limitation to Cabelas product. The 4pc 4wt packs down smaller than the Three Forks 3wt.

This rod would be an extra backup to other 3wt and 4wt rods (Sage LL, Sage VPS Light, Sage DS, older Powell, St. Croix) that I posses. It is not critical to me to determine whether the rod is perfect. Its not unusual for me to loan out several rods so I have more than my wife and I personally need. It could be a gift also. I may purchase something else entirely.

But I am curious and welcome comments.