I'm actually thinkng about building a rod in the winter but I will still probably buy the one I was planning on in the fall. I tend to fish a variety of water and fish species so one rod is not going to do it all. I tend to fish alot of lakes with some decent size trout, want to tackle pike on the fly rod too, but then I also fish small creeks and we fish for perch sometimes too.

I'm thinking I might build a 2wt rod just for the small streams and perch fishing I do and use the 7wt 10 foot I want for lakes. I have a cheap 7wt now and when I go home for my brothers wedding I'll be bringing back another rod that needs some repair. I left it back east when I moved out to Alberta as I couldn't fit in in my car and figured it needs some work anyways. Now I want the thing, I forget what it is but remember it as a pretty decent rod. It's just missing a few guides due to past storage abuse it suffered being left in my mothers garage for 10 years. So basically I'll have my hands on 4 rods by next spring once I buy the one I want and get the others set up.