I've only recenty came back to fly fishing in the last year after 15 years away ( 14 years old and didn't appreciate the finer things in lifewhen I last fly fished). I have fished a varieity of rods weight wise ( 4- and lengths and have a decent idea of what I want that way. Price wise I have my budget, but a huge improvement of my under $100 combo is what I am looking for. Overall I am looking for a medium action 7 weight rod in probably a 10' lenght.
I fish alot of small lakes and a float tube will be a future purchase.

My question is should I buy a 2 piece or 4 piece rod? And what differences can I expect between a 2 piece vs a 4 piece? I expect the action of the four piece to be stiffer than the two piece, am I wrong to think this? I'd like to travel some with my new rod but at the same time don't want to sacrafice the action of my new rod too much.

What is my best option?