Been catching plenty of smallmouth-trout are a different story-just caught my first trout on the fly today-bead head hares ear-I think it was. So I was really excited. They were in a small shoot-and I knew they were there because they were actually clearing the water every once in a while. I don't know that much but hitting emergers?? ( I don't even know when emergers emerge-or what flies represent them) It was the middle of the day-I didn't see anything or have anything so I tried nymphs-it was only a few times that they leapt. So...while I am excited-I need to learn-what do you think they were doing, what would you have tried, how in the world do you detect hits on nymphs (excluding strike indicators), etc.
By the way, it was a wonderful 13-14 inch brownie that fought hard and didn't want to give up-hooked him inside the roof of the mouth-not in the lip (does that mean anything?)