1) As the date approaches, what flies do people recommend we start tying? This has probably been posted already, but might as well ask again.

2) a friendly word of advice: If this will be your first time up on the AuSable, or more specifically on the Mason Tract, don't do what I did about 3 weeks ago. If you go fishing in the Wilderness Area, understand that it really is a WILDERNESS AREA! Stick to the trails, take water, food, a cell phone, a map, maybe even a small first aid kit (especially if you need certain meds), etc. I went out to fish the South Branch for the first time a few weeks ago and being an ignorant cuss, proceeded to GET MYSELF LOST! I never even saw the river! I was very fortunate to make it back to my car 3 hours later very dehydrated, nauseated, slightly disoriented, but in one piece, and with only my ego bruised. This area is not your normal run of the mill woods. When they say wilderness, they mean WILDERNESS! If you stray from the trail, (or like me, never start on the trail in the first place, which was ultra-stupid), you may never find it again. It doesn't seem like a long ways between your car and the river, and if you get lost you think it should be no sweat to get back, but even a short time in thick brush and swamp can get you very winded in a hurry. Don't be stupid like I was. Go with someone, or at least let someone know where you are going and when you will be back (another smart thing that I did not do that day). Just be smart and you should have a great time.