When I first started out with a canoe, done so with what was available for the time and that was an Old Town wood/canvas canoe. Great little 15' canoe and I put it through it's paces. Times changed and aliminumm became the "thing". Then fiberglass, next came the plastics. Well, I traveled the whole route and after I retired just had to come back home to the orginal wood/canvas. Yes they require maintenance; yes they can be scratched and marred, requiring repair. And, yes ... I only use it in sandy bottomed rivers and mill ponds. True, can't leave it outdoors leaning against the garage all winter. However, nothing takes to the water so much as a wooden boat. The canoe does not float on the water, it glides over it! Let me tell you all about it ...
It's a custom built 16' Cheeman, built by Tom Tompkins of Cedar Island Canoes. After Tom built the canoe for me he was so pleased with it that he has kept it posted on his web site. The first web site is information about Tom and Cedar Island Canoes and the different lines. The second goes right to some pixs of my canoe that were taken just before he delivered it to me.


http://www.cedarislandcanoes.com/infost ... 101?page=2