Yes, they are heavy for lifting off and on a truck or a car top unless you have two strong young guys. I'm neither of those and must be careful of my back when it comes to lifting. I have my Gheenoe on an aluminum canoe trailer made by Trailex.

According to the manufacturer, the Hi-Sider weighs about 120 lbs, the Nissan 6 hp motor 55 lbs and with gas tank and other gear, the total weight is about 190 lbs. The aluminum trailer has a capacity of 200 lbs.
I wanted a light rig so I could pull it easily with my Buick Rendezvous and launch it easily in rough ramps.

Another reason I wanted a Gheenoe rather than a kayak or canoe is the type of fishing I do on small streams. By small, I mean 20 to 30 feet wide with some current. In this area there are many sandy bottom streams with holes that hold Bass and Bream. They drain out of Eglin AF property (732 Sq. Miles) and they are void of houses or develpment and swampy with no banks in most places. Some areas have unexploded ordinance and are off limits. To fish these you motor up stream through many dead falls, drop a drag chain off the back which slows you down in strong current and stops you in slack current. This gives you more control and allows you to fish the best holes without a lot of positioning with the paddle.

The isolated streams have gators and cotton mouths and no clear banks. The Gheenoe gives me more stability when dragging the chain and bumping into dead falls.

The stability is important to me and with a 44" beam, and 15' 4" length comes the additional weight. Tom