I use to own a 13' Gheenoe and it will do everything they say it will do and they are very stable. You can be in waist deep water and back up to the side of one and put your hands on the side, push down and sit on the side and it will not tip over. Just sit on the side and swing your feet and legs inside. The only reason I got rid of mind is that most of the time I fished by myself and the 13' weighs around 110 pounds! Too much for one person to handle so I got a trailer for it and then I could only fish the section of a river where I could back the trailer into the water. I sold it and now own a Hobie Cat 75 pontoon boat. Love it! It weighs in at 33 pounds and fits inside my Mazda truck even with the bed cap.

Overall, the Gheenoe is a great boat if having to use a trailer to haul it is not a problem.