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The first one went very well, so im gonna try it again. This swap goes out to ANYONE who wants a part of it. The instructions are fairly simple. All you need to tie is a trout fly that you have created. It can be any style of trout fly just as long as its use is, well, for trout. The maximum ammout of tiers is 12, so sign up soon. The deadline for SIGNING UP is May 14th. The deadline for the flies TO BE DUE is June 6th. That gives over a month to tie. If you guys feel there are any problems with these numbers, let me know. Also, toe tags are not neccesary if you post the recipe, but they do make it easier for the tyer.

My address is 45 Mary's lane, Scituate MA, 02066.

1.CJR- MC Emerger
2.ilmbaba- one-day-to-be-famous El's Trout Slayer(received)
3.Gardenfish- Maxfield(received)
4.Micropteris- Easy Dragon (received
5.Sculpinflytier- Master Brite Pheasant tail (received)
6.RoyChristie- EasyPeasy USD Mayfly(received)
7.Danny Gober- Ostrich Hackle Bugger(received)
9.Byron Zuehlsdorff- Jackrabbit Special (received)
10.Shmang- Afterthought(recieved)
11.G-man- Extended Body Blood Midge (received)


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