There are many problems that can manifest with fly swaps and they have been covered in numerous threads if you look into the archives and read all the posts. However, I'm not about to re-list them here. What I want to do is specifically point out one(1) that has always popped its ugly head in every swap I've participated in.

That is: a fly is delivered with NO TOE TAG. C'mon guys/gals, one of the major reasons we swap is to see what others are tying, have someone's fly, see a well tyed fly, associate that fly with a special person and build a collection from tyers world-wide. You can't do that if you cannot identify the tyer.

So please, in every swap, everyone make sure you identify your fly with a TOE TAG. Make sure it is firmly attached to the fly and identifies a)your name, b)pattern name, and c)hook size. Your 'swapmeister' may request that you include the recipe, and that would be great, especially for lesser known patterns. However, please do a, b, and c above.

Thank you.