Hi Guys,

This is somewhat piggy-backing on an idea that 'flyangler' started on the 'Fly Tying board.

Here's what I propose:

How about a 'swap' of sorts where:
1) The swapmaster picks a somewhat complicated salmon fly.
2) The swapmaster identifies the recipe, the number of steps and lists what each step involves.
3) People sign up to do one step (however they don't know what that step will be when they sign up) of tying the fly.
4) Each person signing up gets a 'step number', picked at random by the swapmaster.
5) The fly is started by person doing step number 1, is mailed to the person doing step #2, and so on until the fly is complete. It is then mailed to the swapmaster. Each person participating will include $2.00 when he mails the fly to the next tyer. That money will pay for #6.
6) The completed fly will be photographed and each participant will get an 8 x 10 color photo of the fly.
7) The fly, and all attending information, will be sent to JC as a submission for FOTW or to post as he deems fit.

Let me hear if anyone is interested in this idea.