The Great Nymph Swap:

Not necessarily great in size, but because I propose to host a swap for truly "great" nymphs. These don't have to be worldwide favorites, but something you would consider a "go-to" pattern no matter where you fish. Please try not to include your imitation of the "East-of-Nowhere-Not-Found-Anywhere-Else-in-the-World" bug. I'd like to have a collection of really versitile flies that we could use on a trip to Pategonia, the Madison, the Delaware, or White river...really anywhere.

I have made a decision this year to improve my nymph fishing and tying techniques. So, please include some mention of your favorite way to fish your chosen nymph. Also, don't be deterred if someone else has already chosen the pattern you wanted to tie. After all, if it's good enough for two or more people to pick it, I could use more than one version of it.

At present I don't have any size cut-off in mind, and as the fishing around these parts tends to be a bit chilly for the next three to four months I don't have a problem with a long deadline. How does no more than 20 participants with flies due on Good Friday (March 25th) sound? That ought to give me time to turn them around by about April 1st.

I'll send contact and mailing information out once we're rolling. I think I'll kick things off with a BH Pheasant Tail.

Ed Schuurman
Waynesboro, PA

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