Okay, this is a different form of swap.

This swap is only open (sorry others) to those of you who will be at the event. Minimum 5, Maximum 10. Sign-up by April 1st or Maximum participants, whichever comes first.

This is unlike a typical swap. Everyone will tie 10 flies, 5 each of 2 patterns. All 5 of the same pattern will be in a separate container (35mm film containers are perfect). We will put the containers in a bag and each person will draw 2, thereby getting a total of 10 flies.

General guidelines:
a) Patterns must be appropriate for use during the Fish-In. In other words, the patterns you choose should represent insects expected to be present during that week. You can check the 'hatch chart' on the information page.
b) Scotch tape a piece of paper with your name, the pattern name and hook size on the outside of the container, i.e. Allan Podell, March Brown(dry), 12.
c) Participants must bring the flies to the morning breakfast at the Roscoe Diner on Wednesday, June 1st. We will place the submitted flies in a bag and draw at 9:00am.
***However, if you will be at the Fish-In but plan on arriving after the drawing time, you may mail your flies to me. I will submit your flies and draw for you. You will be able to pick up your new flies when you arrive. If you fall in this catagory I must have your flies by May 25th!

The season is getting closer and so is the Fish-In.

Oh, I'll be tying sulphur emergers and comparaduns.

Anyone interested?