Great Idea! Also a nice compliment to those who participated in the swaps. You mentioned one of my theme for the swaps, "Getting you to tie flies"! Another item on my swap agenda, was to get the members outside of their comfort zone, as well as making it a learning experience, but most importantly to have "FUN" doing the swaps.

I like the idea of the "Rotating Duties of Swapmeister", and creating new categories of flies.

I had 9 categories, and sometimes it was hard to choose, which category a given pattern fit into. Sometimes a pattern did not seem to fit any category, while at other times the pattern seem to fit many categories.

Wish you luck in your future fly tying endeavors, as I have watched past members of "Beginner's Only Fly Swap", become "Swapmeisters", hosts of "Regional FAOL Fish-In's" (which was my idea), and have others have written articles for FAOL, including "Fly of the Week" articles.

The best gift a student can give to their mentor (s), is the success of the student from the mentoring lessons given. That is what "Paying Forward" is all about....


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