***this swap is FULL***

howdy y'all.

I've enjoyed seeing your efforts swapping standard nymph patterns and their variants. we've swapped pts, hes, cjs, and now let's try prince nymphs.

this used to be my goto nymph hands down. for some reason I stopped fishing and tying them. I tied up few dozen recently for a fly exchange w/ a few guys and was happy w/ the results and have decided to fish them more often this season. I'd like your help and input.

so, let's say, 15 swappers, w/ flies due mid march?

let's do it.


list of participants...

mgj - swap host (finished)
biot midge (received)
antron midge
essobee (received)
mike popick (received)
2bead pupa (received)
fireman (received)
salovin (received)
baitwaister (received)
roy christie
waterbum (received)

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