Well, it took a few weeks of passing the flu around, a tumor surgerty for the dog and some bad weather to keep the Aycock family from breaking out the vises. But, we've perservered and got a spotted skunk finished. Here's the recipe in order of tying to the hook:
Hook: any standard bass or panfish hook
Head: foam or cork bullet-shaped glued to the hook and left overnight to dry before painting (acryllic black with white polka dots in this case with two or more clear acryllic coats)
Thread: White, waxed floss
Tail: White blood marabou
Pearl krystal flash (4-6 strands per side)
Hen saddle feather (1 per side)
Hackle: Hen saddle feather

An extremely easy fly to tie and a pattern that is more enjoyable as you share it with a young'en.

Ashleigh casts the fly so that it 'plops' when it lands, waits a few seconds, then strips the fly in 6-12" strips. It's a terrific fly on local golf course water hazards. The bass and bream are waiting for stuff to fall in from the sides of the ponds and the hits are explosive!

All the best & we hope you enjoy the exciting hookups!
Adam & Ashleigh

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