This is an idea ive been piddling around with for a little. The swap is completely virtual so no postage and no tying a bunch of flies. What you have to do is post a pick of your warmwater fly (for lm bass, sm bass, pike, panfish, striper, etc.). And your recipe, and directions for tying. The fly has to be either:
a)A fly you came up with yourself
b)A modification on a prexisting fly
c)One that is fairly unheard of
d)Something that just the locals tie
e)Something distinctive of your area

the main thing is i dont want a bunch of flies that everyone else allready knows about and is posted all over the web.

You will email me the pic, recipe, species targeted, and directions. Then when i get them all in i will foward them to the swappers. Its open to ohh say 25-30 swappers.

Hopefully ill get some interest in this.


The way to a flyfisherman's heart is through his fly

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