When I hosted a swap last fall, a couple of the swappers sent me their flies in a large 8 1/2 by 11 envelop bent in half. My address was on the outside, and when you cut the tape and flipped the envelope the other way over, the mailer's address was on the inside. Replace the box, tape it up and off it went. Postage was right on it. Wow. Cheap. Effective. Cool. My first few swaps using this method worked perfectly, then last week I got my Tom Nixon swap back minus the Altoid can. Somewhere in the system the envelope ripped and the can escaped to provide the USPS Gods some wonderful flies. My question is obvious: how do you mail your swap flies? I've finally got the toe-tagging system down, but not the mailing system. I'll lurk and watch for your answers (although I'm sure somewhere in this vast cache of internet data Castwell will slide in a reference from years' past). Thanks. JGW

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