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Sunshine Coast Fishing Report
July 5, 2006

With the constant warm temperatures here on the coast some of the higher elevation lakes have been doing very well.

Richardson Lake has had some nice hatches daily. There has been everything from ants, sedges, midges, damselflies and dragonflies all emerging on the same day. A good selection of dries and nymphs will be quite affective. Dragonfly nymphs ( gomphus and darners ) have been on the move. Tied in brown or green both varieties of flies have been working. Damselfly nymphs in green and tan, halfbacks and muddler minnows should also be tried. For the top water tom thumbs and ants are a good place to start.

If you can?t get up to the higher lakes the others at sea level have been producing fish as well. Try Mixal lake with your sinking lines. Minnows of various types, leeches and bigger dragonfly nymphs (darners) have all been getting fish with our tours.

Tight Lines,
Scott Elliott
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