Bighorn river, 4 days of very good fishing with the only draw back being a lot of drifting weeds. Fish seemed to be a little smaller this year on average but still plenty of them. Not a lot of dry fly except for late in the day (midges and a few caddis). Hot nymphs were the usual Bighorn scud, wire worm, and a local mayfly imitation dubbed the miracle nymph. As crowded as i've ever seen it in the first 3 miles, but still plenty of open spaces if you sought them. Armstrong's.
Fished this beautiful spring creek for the first time friday the 9th. WOW!!! What a beautiful place. Few and sparse hatches made for very little dry fly action but the size 20 midge beneath my hopper pattern had to be replaced twice from trout abuse In 1 hour. I was the ONLY angler there from 8:30 AM until one other car showed up at about 1:30. Pay to play but in my estimation worth every cent. Try it at least once in your life if you can ! LF the bench is still there and so were the trout. Thank you so much. Rich

"Wishn I wuz Fishn"