I went out today with my fishing buddy in his motorized canoe and caught two Shellcrackers, two Stumpknockers, three Bluegill, and about six small LMB (Largemouth Bass) all on the fly rod using a size 4 Crease fly (surface minnow imitation). This is how many I caught in the short time we had after the fish started biting, not how many I missed. I probably missed an equal number of fish. My fishing buddy caught some nice Bluegill, a big Warmouth, and a few LMB (one of which was three pounds) on a yellow popper (size 2) using his fly rod. The fish didn't turn on and start biting until a little wind came up around noon. It was hot today (109 or 110 in the sun). We could have caught more if we had stayed longer to try and get to that 100 fish day but we had to leave. Sorry, no photos . Hope to have a digital camera soon so I can start putting some photos up .

Robert B. McCorquodale
Sebring, FL

"Flip a fly"