The "Rain and Drain" of Wahiawa Reservoir has the peacock bass in full spawn. The lake level is lowered as a flood control plan. A big rain fills the lake and gives people down stream time to prepare for the flooding. Hawaii has had lots of rain this year and overnight the water level can rise 12 feet. In the Amazon water temperature and the length of the day have no relation to spawning. For the peacock bass it's either the rainy season or the dry season. So as soon as the water level drops the fish start spawning. This up and down water level has them seeking shallow water for nests all over the lake.

Flys in the color of peacock bass seem to draw the most strikes. White/orange/yellow/green/black with black vertical stripes.

Peacock bass are cannibals and will hit a small member of the family with a vengeance.

Our average size fish is 1 to 2 pounds with a 3 to 4 pounder not that uncommon. Bedding fish up to 8 1/2 pounds have been taken this week. But lately the 3 to 5 pounders have been cursing the shoreline and also schooling up to chase shad in open water. One day you can catch fish on popping bugs or streamer flys, using floating lines or deeper with sinking tips. Then the next day you wonder if there are any fish in the lake. I guess that's why they call it "Fishing" and not "Catching".