I fished Muddy Creek, in central PA this weekend. Wow!! what a wonderful time. I caught and released 48 trout yesterday, Sat, and 39 trout today.

About 60 browns, 20 brookies, and 7 rainbows. All the fish were caught with a fly rod. I use a 8' Avid 3wt.

A great moment today was when spin fisherman using UL nice tackle with a tiny roostertail was casting in a pool and didn't catch anything. He was casting across and upstream and looked like a pro....... except he had a trout on a metal stringer. One small brown, but he looked so proud of the tiny dead fish. I didn't tell him that I already caught and released 20.

When he moved downstream, I caught and released 2 nice brownies with my fly rod..... from the same pool he just left!! The guy saw me catch the first one, and when he saw me unhook the trout while still in the water, he took off!!

I'm convinced that trout love minnows, even better than nymphs or dries.... but all the streamers are way too big for creek trout.... so I tied some 1/120 micro jigs with marabou and wet hackle to make a realistic 1/2" minnow streamer. The trout smack it every time it hits the water!!

This is a huge advantage we fly guys have over the spin guys. We can use a tiny minnow with a perfect presentation, and a controlled depth on retrieve..... the spin guys have to cast heavy metal and retrieve back every time they cast! LOL if they don't get caught on the bottom!

I always take lots of pix, but ...... how do I post digital pix on this report?

Any help from you hackers would be greatly appreciated. Just post something in the reply, and I'll put some great pix on this site!

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