I fished Muddy Creek today (it's really not muddy at all, a clear beautiful creek) with my new Avid 3wt!! Located in central PA.

On this site, last night, I saw a few ways to fish 2 nympths on one line. I finally used a blood knot with a long tag and another fly on the other end.

Anticipation is really better than the real event!! I was up until 4am last night tying blood knots with "super thin" 6X Orvis flouro tippet to a 6X leader! LOL

I caught 28 trout today (and released them all). The most I ever caught in one day! They did re-stock a couple days ago, though.

Such a wonderful time fishing in this paradise! I used a unweighted Gold Rib Hare's Ear 16 on the blood knot tag on top, and a tungsten bead head Hot Wire Prince 16 on the bottom.

Almost every second cast, a trout would hit the tiny fly. The top unweighted fly got 90% of the trout!!

I took lots of digital pix with my camera, but I don't know how to post them on this site! LOL

I also used a nail knot for a 1/2" loop to connect the leader to the line (I got that tip from this site also)..... no L2L twist connectors for this guy.

My 3wt Avid is such a wonderful rod to use in a small stream. This was the best day fishing I ever had!

All the nympths were store bought at Bass Pro Shops. I tie my bass buggers, but the tiny 16's will be this year's challange for me.

Fly rods are so wonderful, I love to fly fish,
the last "Working Class Hero"