Eleuthera Report

We flew out of Fort Lauderdale using Twin air, they were a little higher but parking is free. We arrived mid afternoon and headed to Savannah Sound. I had a few chances and blew it, the wind was blowing as usual and my skills have something to be desired 1st day. During the week we hit the usual spots and some new ones. Pink puffs, Crazy Charlie, Gotchas, all in tan or pink. I had a lot more luck this year with the Jacks, Grunts, Needlefish and Cudas than last year. The Bonz were all over and getting a little smarter.

We hit the Sound a few more times and I hit the lottery there, Vince and Steve hit the Turtle grass and Michele and I mooched the beautiful pink sand beach from the point to the inside sound. We were about a 100 yds from our start and to my right 8 tails were glistening in the air. I was pumped and laid out my line with a right to left cross wind (20MPH). I tried over the left shoulder and landed short, they didn???t spook. I cranked it up right-handed and on the forward cast the fly whacked me in the noggin and then the line went forward. I quickly hauled the line and casted, the line cut the water like a hot knife cutting butter, perfect right on target. Strip, strip, strip, pause nothing. I cast again perfect the line lands like never before and hit on target, they spook. Grrr. I mooch a little further and 5 are coming right at me , again lay out line and it lands like a soft feather right in front of them, they get closer and I strip strip strip and the go by the fly. Grrr. 3 more come from my left and I put it in front of them and nothing Grrr. A little further 6 more heading out and the casts again were light on entry and on the money but no takers, Grr I told Michele I have to change colors and reel in and what do ya know, NO DAM fly on the line . I reach up and look at my hat and low and behold the fly was stuck to it . Five times at the sound and I am still skunked. Michele couldn???t wait to get back ahead of me and blow me in to Vince and Steve. I was bummed about blowing the best chances I have ever had on the Sound and blew several on the way back to the point. I confessed to my ill fate again at the sound and they enjoyed my tail of whoa. Later in the afternoon I managed to land two Bonz and one was a whopper, I finally broke the ice at Savannah Sound .

We stayed at Unique Village again and Pauline, Gus, Betty and Bessy May did a great job taking care of our needs. We ate out a lot for Dinners. Mate and Jenny???s, Joes Bar not far from tippy???s (awesome steak). We hit the usual den of iniquities looking for a Sabers game, Eunique bar,Wind chimes, Ronnie???s, Joes bar, Tippy???s and Then I lost count and my memory went Bad

We headed back after 7 great days and some new spots discovered and using twin air we hit a small terminal and zipped thru customs like it was a dream.

We will be back and my thanks to Vince and Steve for all their help and providing some good laughs and entertainment.

For inexpensive and quality guiding try

Gershum Pinder out of Hatchet Bay 1-242-335-0471 home
1-242-464-0754 cell

Nelsom Barrows or just Nelson at Ronnies Bar, he will use his whaler and pay him what you think he deserves, He boasts big bones off the outer reefs.

Tight lines and long runs