With one of those days ?.
Headed out for some stocked pond trout with 10 yr old Sat. Wife asked why wasn't I taking the 2 yr old (3yrs in a few weeks) - well another 5 minutes, and we had another coming with us.
I set him up on worms, and proceded to flyfish nearby. I guess I confused him, as next thing you know, he was false casting too with his Tigger rod (guess I should find a pixie stick for him). Our 10 yr old came down and was doing great with his little brother, so I ventured off for a bit. I watched them for a while, and did the only thing a father can do - I parked my rods and went and sat beside them while they fished. Sitting there with them while they talked of the big ones, played with crayfish, caught minnows, taking the inaugural dunking, catching bugs, reminded me of what I went through - and what they are going through.
We didn't land any fish - and not one of us really cared. I got some of my winter casting cobwebs out. Our 10 yr old showed me that he still remembers how to deliver that BHWB on his 5wt. Our 2 yr old ?.. yakked our ears off on the 2hr drive home, and didn't shut up about it until 3 in the morning - today.

Here's a couple pics that best sum up the day ?. [url=http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid204/p04c6e123cee14dc149ff48885cf65e1e/ef4a9cc3.jpg:aa643]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid204/p04c6e123cee14dc149ff48885cf65e1e/ef4a9cc3.jpg[/url:aa643]

? who says you need fish to have a great fishing trip