Our target, very much mostly, when doing the delta is stripers. We had family here with only one day to do it this time. OF COURSE they were "off mood" with the weather fronts moving thru. Not that there were NO co-operative fish. Jake did land one, lose two, and broke one NICE fish off in the AM. What else do you expect of a "Washingtonite"?
So we grabbed sum worms and sum flies and proceeded to fill a sack with bluegills and crappies from around the docks. BG fillets.....yum, yum, nothing finer. A grand fish-fry was gladly indulged and added to the Thanksgiving festivities.
And the G-kid (and sum adults too!) thoroughly enjoyed the "gluttony" of "on fire" panfish.
....lee s.
PS - The stripes have been AND will be much better again.