Its getting cooler and before long Specks (Crappie, Calico, etc.) will be moving to the shallows to bed as soon as the water temperature gets into the 60s range. The bite will definately improve for LMB, bream, Specks, and other warm water fish as the weather cools down. I expect and anticipate some great top-water action in warm water for LMB and bream this upcoming Fall, Winter, and Spring season as the water gets cooler. This article in the Highlands Today section of the Tampa Tribune hints at a great upcoming season and while it deals with lakes, it fails to mention rivers, creeks, and canals. It also leans too heavily on conventional tackle and bass fishing given the ProBass fishing circuit here but is still relevant. Article link below.

Robert B. McCorquodale
Sebring, FL

"Flip a fly"