Ed's right, Betty, the season here has been slow to start so far with only one small cold front. Fishing is not great right now. We need some of those cold fronts from Yankeeland to get the fish to bite regularly. Maybe some Snowbirds will bring some of that cooler weather down with them during the annual migration. The traffic on the road is pretty heavy with them right now. When I was out on the water Thursday, the Specks are now schooling (I saw schools down deep ranging from 50 to 100 individuals on the finder) but not biting yet. I think they need a few more cold fronts to turn them on. Water temperature was only 73 degrees and needs to be cooler. The Specks skunked me and my fishing buddy Thursday. Gasp, we even resorted to live minnows and they wouldn't even bite a live minnow. We threw everything we had at them but they had a good case of lockjaw. We saw other anglers out that day that also got skunked so we didn't feel too bad.

Robert B. McCorquodale
Sebring, FL

"Flip a fly"

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