FInally got to go fishing this week. Had a beautiful day here in the foothills of North Carolina and the water I was fishing could not have been better. One of the reasons I was sweatin' to go was to try out a furled leader. I loved it. Didn't have any troubled with it and it seemed to improve my presentation with the dry.

Started out with a #18 hares ear nymph and caught a 13inch brookie in full color. It was the most beautiful fish I had ever caught. Left the camera at home but the visual will never escape me. I then drifted a black booger for about an hour and caught several nice bows and browns.

Got to one stretch and I tied on a #18 Hendrickson; dark dun cdc with HiVis as the wing. Hung into a bruiser that jumped about ten seconds into the fight and hadn't noticed my line wrapped around my real. At the first sign of tension the tippet gave way. Maybe next time.

Fished with dries until dark and picked up 7-8. All in all, it was a great day. You know, for people who don't get out and wade, flyfish, and take it all in ... there's no way anyone can understand why this sport is so good on many different levels.

Next week, if the water's right, I'm gonna' try some smallie fishing at a river close by. They should be tearing it up. Hope to have a good post on that trip.