Well, we are back. The fishing was really great. Monday through Wednsday were OK, but thursday and friday turned out to be the banner days of the week. We boated more than our fair share using conventional tackle. I tried using the flies for them on Thursday, but only had a few follows, but no bites. Mainly waiting for the conventional tackle to get a fish, and casting the flies out as we pulled up the other rods hoping for followers, but nada. I got more chases this way, but they just didnt seem to want to take the fly. They would nose at it, but that was it. Perhaps the fly was tied too full? Who knows. I wont know till next year!

On friday we went for some sea bass in the kelp. Not having done that before didnt seem to stop us, as I got 2 fish to the boat in the first 15 minutes. I dont remember how many we caught, but we didnt get bored waiting for the fish to hit. THe fish took my half-and-half as it was just coming into sight from the depths. It was neat to see them chase the fly, take it, and then make a mad dash for the botton. They put a good bend in my #10 and even required the drag on the reel! I think we will have to devote more time for them next year.

All in all a great trip. Learned a lot about our boat, fishing, and just met some really nice peaple. To me, the highlight was watching my wife land a 25 pound wild king salmon that we eventually released. She did a great job, and I hope the pictures come out.

Have fun, Jeff

Tis my time on the water, in the mountains, and in my driftboat where I can see things as they really are.