Trout Tales Flyfishing Adventures
Sunshine Coast Fishing Report
September 20,2005

With the cooler nights and shorter days the fish on the Sunshine Coast seem to be aware that winter fall is here. Many of the lakes have been quite productive. Whether you happen to be fishing the lower elevation lakes or some a little higher up, this is a great time to be angling on the coast.

If you have a small boat (electric motor only) garden Bay Lake is a wonderful body of water. There are nice cutthroat trout and it is a nice size to be trolling around in all day. The float-tubers may find this lake difficult because of its size and the wind can also get quite strong. Troll the outer edges of the lake with minnow patterns, leeches and doc spratley?s in black or red.

Mixal lake has also been good. The prince nymph, red or green spratley?s and leeches or different colour have been the best bets lately.

Klien lake has been doing well. Zulu?s, halfbacks, black spratley?s and various shrimp patterns have been catching fish.

North lake has been a little slow but fish are still biting. Many areas of this crystal clear lake bottom are covered with lush green grasses. So green patterns can sometimes save the day. Leeches, damsel nymphs, different minnow pattern etc. should be in your fly box before you even get on the water.

Don?t expect the fishing to slow down on the Sunshine Coast for quite a while. Don?t wait, the waters are nice and cool and the lakes are almost empty!! Enjoy!!

Scott Elliott
Trout Tales Flyfishing Adventures
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