Spent the last week at the tip of Cape Cod. Did most of my fishing between 5 and 8 AM and some in the late afternoon. I fished Pamet Inlet (Truro) on an outgoing tide and could not get a bite. Same with another flyfisherman. It was a disappointment as I love that inlet.

Trolled in my kayak along the bay near the P-town\Truro line and was able to catch a bunch of schoolie Stripers and an occaisional Blue. It was fairly consistant.

Fished P-town harbor one AM. There were Stripers bursting with regularity, usually singles, and not a mass of fish. I was able to site cast to them and was consistently getting hookups. This lasted for as long as I stayed there, and I must have caught over 20 Stripers. All were schoolie sized, but fun none the less. It was quite nice, fishing between the moored boats at first, then moving out towards the breakwater.

I fished Herring Cove, which is the first OCean Beach, rather than Bay side beach (having gone around the tip of the Cape) and there I was not able to catch anything from shore. On the other hand, about 300 yds from shore there was a massive number of Bluefish. I was able to paddle alone at that distance and see regular bursting of the Bluefish. Using a leader with a wire bite tippet I was able to land as many Blues as time allowed, having consistent action with fish in the 5-8 lb range.

Saw similar action along the Truro swimming beaches (Longnook in particular) throughout the day. It too would take a boat to get out there.

On one walk along the Truro beach there was a Tuna, 3' long that was chasing the baitfish in the surf and one large wave threw the Tuna onto the shore. It took a few seconds for it to get oriented and sqirm back into the surf. Talk about wishing I had my rod ready for that!

All in all, there was great action and I had a blast.