Been there - done that - no fish - none whatsoever - same with pheasants and speed goats - none at all. Nope. Zero. Gotta go elsewhere.

Beatiful scenery - trouty looking too - just ..... no trout.

Tried Spearfish Cr. just N of Savoy (3 casts .. can ya believe it .......... danged brookies). Spring Cr along Sheridan Lake Rd (was nice and wet). French Cr. along hwy 87 (dry as a bone - I was - the creeks fine). Castle Cr at & below Mystic (beaudacious area - 3 tasty looking brookies in there somewhere) - and Castle Cr. in Kinney canyon I think has a delectable moresel in there too. Went to Center Lake and Grace Coolidge - raining (and rain gear on tying table at home) - never got back to try it Elliot (just leads to a next time).

Had a great time - didn't give it an honest try - think I should retire early early and fish it some more.

Cheyenne Crossing .... great break (vehicle breaks that is) rest for those heading north. Restaurant was full - definately will have to go back to try those pies.

Here's some pics ... see - no fish ............
(sorry for fuzziness)
(1st time trying to show pics here - le me know if you can't see them)

Spearfish Cr. [url=][/url:9f403]

French Cr. [url=][/url:9f403]

Castle Cr. - Mystic [url=][/url:9f403]

Castle Cr. - Kinney Canyon [url=][/url:9f403]

All kidding aside - an all around a great trip - family wise and FFing wise (got out more than I hoped for). Had a hoot - took lots of pics. Tagged 3 on Spearfish Cr and 2 on Castle at Mystic. Oldest son (9 yrs) tagged a 12 1/2 inch at Mystic as well. Had a brute tie into my fly just below Deerfield - he ducked into the bush and broke off. Ran into a local from up here down there - they've been going most of the past 18 yrs. Definately will have to put it as a return destination (not for the fish though). Heck - its only a 14 hr drive .......

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