Trout Tales Flyfishing Adventures Sunshine Coast Fishing Report June 22 2005

Trout Lake has fishermen on it daily and it seems that most are getting into nice trout. Mornings and late afternoon have been best. There have been plentiful hatches with everything from caddis, dragonflies, damselflies and even the occasional black ant.

Wormy lake has also been fishing well. Leeches and muddlers have been the flies of choice. There is a very good chance of an early morning chironomid hatch and late afternoon has had some sedges on the water so make sure to bring your tom thumbs and humpies.

I?m still getting good reports about Garden Bay lake. There have been some decent hatches out there but it would probably be best to keep the deep lines on right now unless you see the cutthroat actively feeding on the surface. Leeches, minnows of all sorts and dragonfly patterns (big Darners) have all been producing. Keep an eye out for the triploid cutthroat (sterilized). They have the adipose fin removed off their backs. We are trying to keep track of catch records. Please drop me a line if you catch any of these fish on the coast. It?s legal to keep them (watch your regulations for specific bodies of water). Good Luck!!!

Scott Elliott
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