Well, they ran 4 generators yesterday evening and it really threw the fishing off. Don't know if all the trout were simply full and not hungry or what, but you had to bump them in the nose with a fly today and even then the take was very tentative at best.

I arrived @ 8AM and began fishing down at the Big Hole. There was a boat load of shufflers (5 I think) and a bunch of other folks and boats on the water in the Big Hole. It was the most crowded I've ever seen it. I worked my way downstream. I threw them everything but the kitchen sink and the fish simply didn't want anything subsurface. I caught 3 fish in a couple of hours. I noticed some surface activity and rigged up a size 16 Crackleback. I caught 3 more in rapid succession.

Then the thunderstorms hit. I got off the water, got to the truck, and headed up to the pavilion. There was a Family Fishing Festival going on and it was crowded with folks trying to stay out of the rain. I think we sat there for about an hour until the storm had passed. By this time it was near 1PM.

I decided to head back out, but I went up above chute 1. I caught a couple more fish including a 13" Brown. Still no decent fish. I was fishing a beadhead soft-hackle hare's ear nymph. When I moved below chute 1 I caught several small Rainbows in rapid succession and then they shut down on it. I fished down the bank to chute 2 and then called it quits.

I caught about 9-10 fish total and the big one was that 13" Brown. I left the water at 3:30PM and headed up to River Run Outfitters to restock some strike indicators.

The report from there was pretty bad, too. 3 guide trips out and all had trouble. 1 group of 2 newbies landed ZERO fish. Their guide was pretty upset. That just never happens.

So...it was a TOUGH day on Taney.

Fishing the Ozarks