June 21, 2005

Greetings from The Fly Factory on the Banks of the AuSable in uptown Grayling,

Here is the outlook for the coming weekend, and more news from the North:

6/21 HEX!! Plus, Brown Drakes, Mahogany Drakes, Sulphurs, Big Golden Stoneflies and more! Hex flies originally showed up on the pond above Graylng Thursday night 6/9 and there has been some hatching on the pond above Mio, the upper South Branch, down from Roscommon and on the Manistee in the CCC Bridge area and below. Then, late last week and through the weekend a cool down arrived, air and water temps dived and the Hex hatch came to a pause. Warm weather is back...temps are to be in the high 70's and into the 80's through this week and into next week and the Hex hatch is primed to get rolling again. We're still seeing Brown drakes [#10-12] in a lot of areas; the Isonychias, or big mahoganies, [#10-12] have spread through the river system. We're still seeing some of sulphurs [#16] on some stream sections and very good numbers of Stenonemas, or Light Cahills [#12-14]; there are several species of Stenonemas and the run in color from white to creamy yellow and orang. Also look!
for little yellow stoneflies [#12-14] and the big Golden Stoneflies [#8] that can bring a bigger brown the suface when skittered out of a shaded deep hole or along log jams and cover. The streams are in good shape. Water temps pushed back into the 60's and will head higher with the hot days upcoming. More stream conditions & hatch information are on the River Conditions / HatchLine page at TroutBums.com [url=http://www.troutbums.com/HatchLine/:ee1cb]http://www.troutbums.com/HatchLine/[/url:ee1cb]