The trout were active and rising due to cooler weather (we had eight days of temps in the 90's) that came two days ago and turned the trout on. A friend I work with set the trip up with Wilderness Trekers; we put in at Lehighton at 4:30 and floated until around 9:30. The guide put us on trout at every stop and they were rising on BWOs and that was the only fly we needed for the entire float. That is the first time I have had the first fly used as the only one I needed the whole trip. My buddy landed four trout, mostly rainbows, missed some too and I landed two and lost three that were hooked, plus many missed strikes. The three I lost was due to dumb stuff on my part, One was a falty knot and two were due to slack line, I guess I got a little too excited with all the action and missed strikes. I finally calmed down, corrected my mistakes and then was able to bring em to the net. Here are a couple pics of wild Lehigh Bows.


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