Well, went back out again Monday to fish in the rain. It never did rain but was foggy on the water. Beautiful. I got out in my float tube and started the process of drowning my flies. Working the inlet, I caught a few midget smallies and then it happened. BAM!!! I hooked another huge carp. He pulled me almost 100 yards out into the lake before he stopped running. Once he settled down, I made for the shoreline with this "monster". Almost an hour after hooking him, I finally landed this one. WOW!!!!! What an awesome fighter. I took the time to weigh him, an amazing 16lbs. Impressive. St. Croix Avid 5wt. SA line and leader. Everything heldup quite well for the fight. Can't awit to do that again, although I have to give my shoulders time to rest, LOL.

Best to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Something I seldom remember to do.