I remember awhile back, someone on here was complaining about too much rain and couldn't go fishing. I want to say, "Bring on the rain!!"

Rain storms are one of the most productive times to fish on my local lake. Not only is it cloudy, which brings out the BWO's and midges, but all the shrubs and trees are dripping wet. This in turn knocks down the terestrials into the water. Hoppers, caterpillars, beetles, you name it, the fish see it.

I went out fishing last night inbetween passing showers. I decided to use one fly, a marabou muddler. I chose this due to its versatility to imitate various bugs depending on how you move it.

The fish were pretty slow during calm water. Just one carp that took me to my backing. Had to let that one off. But here comes more rain. I'de use the wind to get my line to "wrap around" the shrubs down the bank, and retrieve along the shore. I didn't get a bite, nibble, nothing. Until, that is, the rains returned. I hit the gold mine mother load. I caught so many bass it wasn't funny.

Now, this is a holiday weekend and the lake was pretty busy when I got there. Small lake about 1.4 miles around the shore. 30-40 "city slickers" dangling worms and fireballs. They weren't catching anything either. LOL About ten minutes after the rain started I was all alone on the shores.

I left the water right at dark because I was in such a hurry to get there, I forgot my rain gear. So to sum it all up. If it looks like rain, no hail or lightening, grab your gear. Get to the water and catch some "rain"bows, or whatever else might be in your waters.

A little wet, a whole lot happy,

PS. It's raining again today. What a great holiday weekend for fishing!!

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