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Sunshine Coast Fishing Report
May 25/05

The fishing on the coast has been fantastic recently! The weather has been cooperating, the temperatures have been rising and so have the fish! There are so many hatches taking place daily that it is difficult to write about them all.

The two lakes that have to be looked at right now are Sakinaw and Ruby. These are bigger lakes but the options are unlimited right now. There are minnows in great numbers on both lakes that are being swallowed by every cutthroat trout that is near. Muddler minnows, Mcleod sticklebacks and egg & I patterns are all working extremely well. These lakes are very deep (300 + ft.). The best way to explore them is to troll around the edges where the drop offs are. Use a slow sinking line closest to shore and a fast sink line on your second rod that is furthest from the shore. Troll slowly and wait for very aggressive hits.

It is likely that as you are trolling the shores of these lakes that you will see fish rising. Keep your eye peeled for the insects that are bringing the fish to the surface. There have been midges, mayflies, damselflies, caddis etc. hatching every day!

This is also one of the best times to get into the sea-run cutthroat trout. They are schooling up on many of the beaches. If you are new to this type of fly-fishing, look for easy sloping beaches. Stay away from sharp drop offs. Vegetation on the high water areas of the beach is great. Combine this with freshwater (that flows into the ocean) within a kilometer and some bivalves on the beach (clams, oysters etc.), and you are in a prime location that may have these trout.

Tight lines!
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