Greetings from The Fly Factory on the Banks of the AuSable in uptown Grayling,

Here is the outlook for the coming weekend, and more news from the North:

SULPHURS! AND LOTSA' OTHER BUGS TOO! The lilacs are blooming and so is the sulphur hatch. Afternoon and evening hatches of sulphurs on most river the afternoon on the overcast & cooler days and in the evening on the bright, warm days when the evening period is very comfortable. We're starting to see some sulphur spinner falls in the afternoon and evening as well. Several varities of caddis are on the water...some 'cloud' hatches of olive caddis [#14-16] rolling on the emerging caddis through the afternoon. We're still seeing some Light Hendricksons [#14], and Little Mahoganies [#16] in the coldest water areas, such as the upper reaches of the Manistee. Also on the water: Blue-Winged Olives [#18], Olive Stoneflies [#16], the little yellow stoneflies, 'yellow sallys' [#14], have started to show. Also, some big mahoganies [#12] and a few of the larger yellow stones [#8-10] that can bring a bigger brown the suface when skittered out of a shaded deep hole o!
r along log jams and cover. The streams are generally in very good shape, though up a little following some rain early in the week; the South Branch has gone up about 6 inches . Water temps are pushing into the mid-50's to near 60 in the afternoon on the brightest days and holding at least in the low to mid-50's even on the overcast and cooler days. More stream conditions & hatch information are on the River Conditions / HatchLine page at [url=][/url:fa853]